We are here assisting you if Digital video marketing is impactful for furniture stores to earn better and attract wider audiences. We are reviewing if video marketing is an impactful and complete guide for marketing in the furniture business, so you don’t need any further guidance.

What’s the impact of video marketing on the furniture market?

Customers are core for business, hence people to focus on customers’ satisfaction and desires. It is great for people to practice trendy marketing practices that can be proven helpful in attracting a wider audience and targeting the audience better. It would be great to choose for video advertising or marketing method where you can talk about your features, quality, wide variety including Baby Beds, and other popular items that can fascinate customers to visit your furniture stores at least once.

The impact of video messages lasts longer than any other advertising way as that gets captured into memory into one’s brain.

If you are providing quality furniture items at affordable prices and management in stores is commendable, then you can easily gain customers for the long term and establish customers’ loyalty towards your business or retail store.

Additionally, make sure you are not bragging about the products and services of your business but presenting everything with honesty and in an impressive way. Providing correct information to customers can improve your prestige and help in word of mouth marketing that can work incredibly for your new or traditionally established business.

So, this is all about video marketing’s impact on customers in the furniture business.

Polish Your Furniture Sales with PIM/IMS

The best way to manage all that data while still having time to manage our business is to adopt a Product Information Management (PIM) platform & Integrated Management System (IMS)

To take it a step further, a good PIM/IMS will link all of your information holdings together.

That faux-suede sofa you showcased on Instagram? Your prospective customer, Rita Malhotra, used the augmented reality tool on your website to see how it would look in her living room, and now she wants to know where in her city she can buy one. She clicks on the photo, which is connected behind the scenes to a product SKU and your inventory levels. Rita is in luck—your products are stocked by a local retailer, and there are two left at a store in her neighborhood!

If Rita had to visit or phone the store to ask about the sofa, she might not have followed up. But now she’s motivated to make sure that one of those sofas becomes hers. The only thing she’s not sure of is whether the sofa will fit in the back of her minivan. By scrolling through the product description, she can verify the dimensions and see how the product is packaged for shipping. She sees that it ships in two boxes that are each small enough to fit in her vehicle.

When you consider what a PIM does from the customer point of view, it’s easy to see how powerful it is. You don’t need to look any further than one of the furniture industry’s biggest players to see what it can do for your bottom line: IKEA doubled its sales after implementing a PIM / IMS system.

Marrying your product information to your marketing strategy creates a relationship that’s destined for success, for you and your customers. If you’re ready to take that next step and finally round out your furniture marketing strategy for 2019, look no further than our PM Buyer’s Guide.

Ask full of Information about the benefits of PIM / IMS implementation, which features to look out for, and side-by-side comparisons of today’s leading brands—it’s the first and last shopping list you’ll need when it comes to product information management software.

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