A NEW ERA OF BJP WINNING RAJHASTAN BY SHRI PM MODI JI & Bhajanlal Sharma, New Rajasthan Chief Minister!

PM SHRI NARENDRA MODI JI A BIG VICTORY HAND & CHOSSING A SHRI BHAJANLAL LAL Rajasthan CHIEF MINISTER of Election Results: “Victory Of ‘BJP by huge margins on 115 Seats over 199 MLA’s in Rajahasthan

As BJP is coming into the Power in Rajahasthan Assembly polls! The Campaign was run by INDIAN PM SHRI NARENDRA MODI JI with SLOGAN in Rahasthan Aseembly by the mantra given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi ‘Sabka Saath, Sabka Vishwas and Sabka Prayaas’ has emerged victorious.

It is the victory of the guarantee given by the Prime Minister. It is also the victory of the strategy given by Amit Shah and the able leadership provided by Nadda ji. Most importantly, it’s a victory for our party workers.”
“People have rejected the misgovernance of Congress and have elected the good governance of BJP,” added.

BJP attracted to the Gujjar voters to switch their allegiance to the BJP and support Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s of “New India”. He said that the BJP would ensure good governance, security, infrastructure, health care, education and employment opportunities for all.

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