“Rhema Life & Healing Therapy” TM

Rhema Life & Healing Therapy ™ is the process of the restoration of Health from disease, critical sickness and damaged unbalanced body organs. The result of Healing Life is to Improve Quality of Life & cure, restore and maintain the health on all the planes of the body. That is Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health which are directly affecting the Body, Soul and Spirit.

Vision: To have blessings and prosperous abundant life for all human beings to be Healthy (Free from emotional & physical Pain) Joyful, healing sickness, peaceful, happy, successful, past life Regression therapy.

Rhema Life & Healing ™ program is the blessings by the Creator God is (Spirit). Healing Life & Healing therapy is created by Acharya Harsh Batrawho was inclined towards spirituality from the age of 30 years despite of his critical sicknesses in his body (Acute lungs function disorder & Arthritis by birth from 38 years). By the Grace of the Creator God he had gone through the healing miracle by the Creator God in his life. And, love of the Creator God touched him miraculously and given him complete healing from all the diseases when he was meditating upon the Creator God. Then, the Healing Life & Healing Therapy ™ program was developed for emotional, physical and Spiritual Quality of Life in love with the Creator God and Human Beings.

The Rhema Life & Healing ™ technique is a lifestyle and spiritual anatomy which is not restricted to one religion but open to all – with the purpose of have close relationship of love with the Creator God. It is to renew your thoughts for your mind, body, soul and spirit that allows you to enhance your mental beliefs and live life with positive thoughts, filled with the love of the Creator God. Where you develop the virtues through word, meditation and prayer. The process on the higher plane includes love, prayer, faith, word, fasting, emotional and physical history questionnaire, past history, forgiveness, counselling, imagination, faith building, and blessings of the loving God and manifestation.

The Healing Life & Healing ™ therapy is always studied & taught in concurrence with conventional medicine. This therapy teaches how to use positive imagination secret, own will power, one’s own natural intuition, faith, thanksgiving, forgiveness, perseverance & relying upon unconditional love of the Creator God who blesses the wellbeing. We have learned; that before physical healing takes place, seeds of emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing to be nurtured. We have learned that through the Healing Life & Healing ™ therapy intuitive abilities can be used to bring physical and emotional wellbeing.

RHEMA LIFE & HEALING is about the Important thing to differentiate between; “RELIGIOUS” or “SPIRITUAL”? We have to decide that what our love relationship with the LOVING GOD is. In “RELIGION we do Karma / good works / rituals for many gods/deities; however, in SPIRITUALITY it’s opposite, the LOVING GOD chooses us, we accept Him in faith & He prepares us. In His perfect love, He Blesses us, forgives our mistakes & pour out His Love, Grace, Healing and Prosperity & Peace through his son so that we may have abundant life in Him.

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